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2009-04-29 - 1:46 p.m.

Shoes, Glorious Shoes…

I love shoes. I love boots. I love sandals. Well, you get the picture. I used to have well over 100 pairs of shoes, boots, sandals, etc. Probably 40-50 pairs of those were black. I have paired (rimshot please) that down to probably 40 some pairs of shoes and a handful of boots, and my husband still thinks I am nuts. I used to have more red shoes than probably most guys have shoes. I also currently have teeny tiny 1950’s size closets which are not conducive to large amounts of clothing or shoes. So as a result, I have shoes tucked here, there, everywhere, in tubs, in shoe boxes, in garbage bags…they live in the garage, the basement, under my bed, my office closet, the attic…you get the idea. As someone who’s weight (and life) constantly yo-yos, shoes are my constant, they always fit (except during months 7-9 of pregnancy) and they are always there for you.

So recently, I have bought several new pairs of shoes. My husband didn’t say boo – I got them from Macy’s and Marshalls, so as far as he is concerned, they were free as I used gift cards that I had won from a sales contest at work. I also got new running shoes and new slip-on clog-ish tennis shoes, they are both pretty snazzy. However, I have to report that one of my favorite pairs is going to have to retire – the red bowling clogs.

I am very sentimental about my red bowling clogs. I got them 7 years ago, when I went to Spain with my friend Rose. It was a great trip and they always remind me of Rose when I were them and of course Europe was wayyyy ahead of the fashion curve with clogs back in 2002. These babies are super comfy, red with white stitching and 2 white racing stripes. I wore them when I was getting over my divorce, when I was finishing up my MBA, when had my (post-divorce, please note) fling with my own “Mr. Big” and when I started playing kickball. These babies have been with me when I lived in ‘Tosa, back to Mom and Dads, New Berlin, back to Mom and Dad’s, to Stallis and back to New Berlin. Now the lining is about ready to fall out and I think it’s time that I bronze them and hang them from my review mirror…so sad.

I have been looking for a new pair of black sandals for three summers. My favorite pair is pretty shot, and has been shot for the last 2 summers although I continued to wear them. They are also about as well traveled as my red clogs. Plus Murphy just decided to take a nibble off the side of one so that really prompted me to put a little urgency in my search. So I just stopped at Marshalls at lunch and found what I think are the perfect replacement – black, criss cross sandals, with a wedge kind o’ heel so they will be cute with jeans, capris or shorts. They are Born which means that they will be like little foot pillows, however they manage not to look like orthotic wedgies like grandma used to wear.

In preparation for my trip to Vegas in 2 days (2 days!!), I had a pedi on Saturday, took Jess along for one too. Wow, I am a cool stepmom. So I am going to look like a million bucks…from the ankles down anyway.

Happy Wednesday...



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